Coppenger Cove is located just west of Chattanooga, TN.  It is privately owned land, but at this time the owners do not object to it being used for recreation and camping.  Although they get very discouraged by all the litter that has built up near the creak beds in the camp sites.  The trails that follow the creak are one trails and easy for people to go in and park and such, but when you start heading up the trails that go up the mountains you can find some real good three trails and there is even a real famous five trail there.  The five trail there was featured on the tv show Trucks.  It was part of the coverage they had on the Rosser Roundup '99.  We went and took a look at it, but decided to take it on at another time and passed it by.  It is real pretty up there and I encourage you to give it a try ever you get a chance.

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