This is the Flex-J's front bumper.  I made this out of 2x6x1/4 square tubing  6x6x3/8 angle iron, and 1/8" galvanized sheet metal.  The 2x6 tubing was used to shape the outside sides of the bumper and it is used as the "tank part of the bumper.  The center section is where the 6x6 angle welded to the 2x6 tubing making a hollow section so I can mount a winch on top of the bumper later.  I did not want to have to deal with drilling holes in my tank after all to mount a winch :).  Then I traced the bumper onto the sheet metal and cut it to the over all shape and welded it on top of the 2x6 tubing and 6x6 angle.  Pretty simple really just a lot of labor welding and shaping it all out.  When it was all done I then drilled and taped the 1/4 NPT holes in it so I could plumb it to the York.

    This is the rear bumper.  It is made pretty much the same way as the front one.  It is a piece of straight 2x6 tubing with the corner section made out of 1x1 tubing that I used to frame the corner out.  Then it was all covered with the sheet metal to tie it all together.  I also welded a piece of sheet metal on top of the tubing so that it would fill the space between the bumper and the hatch.  I then drill one hole just above my trailer hitch receiver.   This is where I taped and then put a drain cock there.  My think here is that this was the only place I could put it where it would be protected so I would not break it off on a rock, because the hitch protects it.  Then on the back side of it where it can not be seen is where the air line is connected the the bumper.  The rear tank acts as a piggy back tank just so I would have more cubic air space to hold compressed air.  All in all I have about 11 gallons of air capacity, a nd in no way are these puppies going to bust.  The front bumper weighs about 375 pounds.  The rear bumper weighs about 150 pounds.