To start out with I was wanting to create more room under my hood for an extra battery, which I have not put in yet, and to also get a little more horsepower. So the answer to this seemed to be a K&N cone conversion. The only thing about that is it seemed that all the after market kits where more expensive then what I thought they where worth. I mean after all the K&N is $30.00 dollars itself and it was the main part of it so why did the kits need to cost over $100.00 dollars.

Well, if you look at the air intake tube for the throttle body, you will notice that it is a 3" id flex duct. The next step was to get a piece of 3" od pipe to act as a conversion adapter for all the emission tubes that connect to the factory air box. I used a piece of 3" pipe 4" long. I then drilled three holes in the pipe in the center of the pipe length ways. Two of the holes are 0.5" holes drilled 180 degrees from one another. The last hole was a 0.125" drilled in between the two 0.5" holes on the top of the pipe. I then welded small sections of pipe onto the openings I drilled into the 3" main pipe. Two of my pipe sections were 0.5" pipe at a length of 0.75". I welded these on the the 0.5 inch holes. I then repeated the process with a piece of 0.125" steel tubing 0.75" long, and welded it onto the 0.125" hole. These small pieces of pipe and tubing will act as nipples for the emissions hoses to connect into the filtered air stream. The last piece I welded on was a piece on flat bar onto the bottom of the adapter so I could bend it into a mount. The flat bar was about 12" long with a 90 degree bend in the top and bottom about 1" long. On the end not welded to the adapter drill a 0.75" hole for one of the stock bolts that held on the stock air box to go through. This will allow you to bolt the adapter down to the fender well so it won't move around.

The hardest part for me was getting Auto Zone (local K&N dealer) to look in their K&N catalog in the spec section and find the cone I wanted to order. After looking at many options I found a K&N Cone that had a 3" id opening and had a 5" od x 6" long filter element. This would fit in the spot I had in mind perfectly. After receiving the K&N Cone I simply slide the conversion adapter I had made into the stock air intake duct and tightened it down using the stock clamp on the duct. Bolt down the adapter mount using one of the stock bolts that bolted down the stock air box. Then I slide the K&N on the the conversion adapter and tightened down the clamp on the K&N Cone. Hook up all the emission hoses and your done.